YW Pulsar

Made by hand, played by heart.

YW Pulsar is a steel idiophone. This musical instrument has unique architecture and powerful sound. The method of sound formation is based on the special "tongues" that produce vibrations. The tongues of Pulsar have up to 9 tuned partials providing rich and loud sound. Each partial can be played separately from the others. Pulsar has optimal sustain for playing either fast or slow compositions.

Each Pulsar is tuned to a certain scale and within this scale every note is in harmony with the rest. That means you don’t need to learn music theory in order to start playing Pulsar. This instrument can have 8 to 13 notes in a range of G2-E5. In the handpan/tonguepan communities there are some popular scales that we can tune our Pulsars to. Besides the scales presented, the instrument can be tuned to any of the known scales. And any scale can be transposed to any root note. In addition, you can come up with your own scale in a given range and create your Pulsar with us.

Just try it and discover the ocean of lovely tunes for meditation, relaxation or nice musical jamming. It is also great for open-air performances – you can be sure people would hear you.

Pulsar is made of high-quality steel. It consists of two hemispheres glued together with special adhesive. The top of the instrument has several tongues (notes) cut into the surface. The bottom part is a resonator and has a round opening capped with a rubber plug. The design of the instrument is minimalistic. The dark grey semi-matte surface shimmers with blue and bronze. This color is obtained as a result of thermochemical treatment which also provides protective coating. The diameter of Pulsar is 50 cm, the height is 14 cm, weight is about 5 kg.